Welcome Foodies!

First off, here is there website: Check them out for their history and menu options. They started as a street car… and that’s pretty neat.

Now for the review…

I just have to say that when I walked into Skillet I was a little taken back by how big the kitchen was compared to seating for guests. It all made sense after the meal. Let me set the scene for you, Ryan and I walked in and had called ahead for seating. We had heard some hype about this place and decided to give it a try on Sunday (2/16/14); the busiest time.

The hostess was a bit disorganized with her etch-a-sketch  seating list and overwhelmed attitude. Ryan walked up to make sure we were on the list, and she replied, “We don’t take reservations, you will have to wait.” Ryan said, “Called ahead, checking if we are the list.” Yes, he talks like a caveman, you get used to it.

The hostess whipped back around and said, “Okay, name?”


“Ya, you’re here, now wait over there.” And she scurried off like a mouse looking for cheese.

We got sat 15 minutes later. (What we expected). We sat at the booth where our server/bartender was. He was very good. He made Bloody Mary’s in mason jars and other cocktails directly in front of us, showing off their amazing smelling drinks. We resisted, and I don’t know how. After 5 minutes, we finally were ready to order. The menu had so many unique options I wanted to try everything. I ordered “The Chub”. An egg on bacon, tomato, and other delicious ingredients (can’t remember them all). The first bite, was one of the best things I’ve had in months. I looked at Ryan and I felt like I was in a movie… “Mmmm” and liked my lips slowly. This doesn’t happen often with me. I am a picky eater and I am not afraid to tell it.

We later went for the Goat cheesecake with apple slices. I took a picture of this because it was so amazing looking. The best part about this dessert, it tasted just as good. The rich flavor and thick, creamy cheesecake, and graham cracker crumbles literally was the best dessert I’ve had. I am going back tomorrow to order it again, and I don’t care how full I am.


Ratings (1-5):

  • Overall brunch: 4.5 (hostess can step her game up)
  • Atmosphere: 4 (a bit loud, but still great for all ages)(also not a lot of seating for big groups)
  • Food Quality: 5
  • Service: 4 (hostess, and also they could use an extra hand or two on the weekends – be prepared for slower service)

Have you been there? Let me know what your ratings would be!

~ J. Harty