The Lodge (Pioneer Square)

Good Evening Foodies!

I saw a coupon for The Lodge on Amazon Local and decided to go for it. The coupon does not work during happy hour, which this place has a pretty good happy hour, with 2 dollar fries, 6 dollar popcorn shrimp. Ryan and I were there at the end of happy hour at 6pm, to watch the march madness Michigan State basketball game. They weren’t playing it, but changed the channel on one tv no problem for us. The place had several people in it, but not overly crowded for a Saturday. The atmosphere was very nice, with a cool waxed wooden bar area.

Ryan and I both ordered beer first before our meal. Ryan ordered an IPA. The beer had a lot of foam, so when it settled it was not all the way to the top, the bartender grabbed and filled it up, that never happens at bars! I ordered the Fettucini Alfredo with chicken, while Ryan ordered the fish and chips. Both meals came out quickly and were very good. The alfredo sauce is homemade, and you can tell. Ryan gave his fish and chips and 8 out of 10, based on no prior knowledge of this type of food, meaning it was really good. 

If you see this coupon buy it! 

Also, make sure to get the Hazelnut Brown Ale by Rogue. Best dark beer I have ever had!!

Sorry, I didn’t take a picture, I will next time, because I will be back. 


Ratings (1-5):

Overall: 5


Atmosphere: 4.5 (bathroom is shared by 2 bars, could get crowded)

Food Quality: 4.5



Pasta Freska (Near Space Needle)

Hello Foodies!!

I have to post fast on this place. Please try to avoid here. Ryan took me out on a a date last night (3/5/14) at 7:00pm. Finally. He had a Groupon for Pasta Freska. He knows how much I love pasta. This sounded like the perfect place for me. I was stoked for this place all day.

The restaurant is kind of pie shaped and has that Italian feel. I liked it, although, I thought it could have been a bit more classy, without the red and white table cloths and such. The owner comes right up to your table and asks what you will not eat. I told him “seafood”. He kind of gave me a look and said “none, at all.” “Yup” was my reply. He grabbed a bottle of wine and poured us a glass. (I should mention, there are no menus, you just get whatever he serves with no idea on pricing). I was a on a date though, so I didn’t care about prices at that point. He was paying.

7:15 – We waited for about 15 minutes for the first portion of the meal. We both had a thin slice of cheesy eggplant. This was by far my favorite. The flavors were great on this. We were not told what we were eating at any point during the night. Weird.

7:35 – Second course came – small salad with delicious dressing.

7:45 – Third course came – Bread with garlic. I wasn’t too impressed with this. I could have made the same thing at home. And I’m not a cook. There was also nothing to dip the bread in. Lame.

8:00 – Fourth course came – we were served Baked Ziti. It was cheesy and something I had at Olive Garden. It was okay. It was also very odd, that Ryan was dished twice as much as me. What, because I am a skinny girl I can eat that much?? I can, trust me.

8:15 – Fifth course came – I was served 2 tiny pieces of steak. The steak was not that high of quality. Ryan was served oysters and salmon. he said his was good. If only I ate seafood.

8:30 – Dessert – We shared a plate of 1 scope of ice cream, small slice of chocolate cake, and a small slice of some caramel cake. This was good, but on the small side for 2 people.

We finished off the wine and the chef came out and gave us the bill. There was not much interaction or customer service. We were charged:

$33.00 for the bottle of wine

$8.00 for a sampler platter

100.00 for 2 meals

I have no idea why it costs so much or why we are paying for a sampler platter. This seemed like a ripoff to me. I would avoid this place, if possible. It is not worth the money.

Sorry, I have no pictures, but just imagine a clementine. That would be the portion of food you would get.


Overall: 2 – For the price I thought everything should have been a bit more upscale.

Atmosphere: 3 – Very Italian

Service: 2 – Pretty much not there.

Food: 3 – Some of it was tasty, some was just okay.

Have you been there before? Let me know if you had a different experience.

Happy eating!

~J. Harty

Fresh Bistro (WEST SEATTLE)


Friday, Feb. 28, 2014, Ryan and I went to Fresh Bistro for Happy Hour. Their Happy Hour is from 5-7pm on Fridays. What a great time, I thought. The drinks are priced well at 3.50 for well drinks. There is no beer on tap, what a bummer, I know. I had a rum and coke, and it was very good. I guess I should mention we came at 6:30pm and got a seat right away at the bar. The bar area was packed, though.

We decided to try dinner at Fresh Bistro. I ordered the Duck Burger and Ryan ordered COD Dish, My burger was on the Happy Hour menu at $10.00 (with no fries). It was pretty bland, but okay. The original price of this burger is $16.00. I do not believe this is worth that price. $16.00 would be better spent at Red Robin than on this burger. Ryan’s dish was not on Happy Hour at $18.00. I wish I could have taken a picture of his face when the meal showed up. You know when you order something online and then you open the box when it arrives and receive that item that looks nothing like what was pictured, it’s about 10 times smaller. This was exactly his expression. I have posted a picture of his meal. The flavor of his meal…. bland, but the fish was okay. Let’s just say he was not happy after this meal.

Ratings (1-5):

Overall: 2.5

Atmosphere: (4)

Food Quality: 2   (Drinks – 4)

Services: 4