Lot No. 3 (Bellevue)

Lot No. 3

Sunday of 4th of July weekend! It’s 70 degrees and sunny. First thing on my mind… Where is my bike? Second thing on my mind… What do I want to eat today? It’s hard loving food so much sometimes. I convinced Ryan to ride from West Seattle to Bellevue with a promise to buy him lunch. Why Bellevue? With all if its shiny buildings and nice restaurants, I new I could find a bar that would cater to sweaty bike riders and still have amazing food. We stumbled across Lot No. 3 at just right the time. The patio caught my eye. We looked for somewhere to lock our bikes in front of the restaurant, but settled with a 2 hour parking sign’s pole. As we walked in, the place looked real classy, but looked like it would be suited for anyone (except children), even someone who just rode 15 miles up and down hills. We asked to sit in the patio, and were sat immediately. The patio area is a bar style with high stools. For an appetizer, I ordered a pretzel (one of my favorites). It was hot and fresh from the oven, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. One of the best pretzels I have had, but not as good as Brave Horse Tavern. The mustard sauce that came with Lot No. 3’s pretzel was a bit bland, I would suggest ordering another sauce.
I ordered the Veggie Sandwich. The menu has a a huge selection with options for anyone. I chose this because this was the first Veggie sandwich without mushrooms (I am not a fan). Their were so many veggies I cannot name them all, with an amazing sauce. I honestly have no idea what was on this sandwich, but it with it’s toasted bread and delicious side salad I would recommend this for anyone who leans to the vegetarian side. Ryan ordered the Reuben with the kettle chips. The chips are addicting with the right amount of crunch and great taste. I only ate half of his chips. His Reuben would be a great choice for someone who leans to eating meat more.
I added a category below, Bikeability… Yes, I did make this word up. Considering Seattle and surrounding areas are pretty bike friendly, I thought a Bikeability score would be worthwhile. What does the Bikeability score consist of? 1) Ability to  lock a bike in front of restaurant 2) Ability to see the bike from restaurant (my bike is like my baby) 3) Restaurant atmosphere – Good or bad for sweaty bike riders.
Ratings (1-5):
Overall: 4
Atmosphere: Patio – 4, Inside N/A – Only inside for a minute
Food Quality: 4 (Pretzel sauce not great) (Drinks are very expensive with a Light Beer for $6 Services: 5 – Very attentive even on the patio
Bikeability: 4.5 – wish there was an actual place to lock our bikes in front instead of around a pool. Patio was perfect for us since we were glistening with sweat.