Tavern Hall (Bellevue)

Hello Again!
I have been lacking on my restaurant reviews the past few months. I will get back on track now!
I met Ryan in Bellevue for happy hour at Tavern Hall. It just opened, maybe 3 months old. It sits at a great location right next to the Bellevue Square Mall. As I walked in, I noticed the polished look with many taps on the wall; probably 100. In my mind, you cannot go wrong with a place with a lot of beer. The place was packed, but luckily I found a spot in the corner.
As I waited for Ryan to arrive, I wanted  to order off the happy hour menu. The drink selection had 5 choices, with 2 being beer choices. This was a bit disappointing seeing all the taps. I ordered off the regular menu, a 16oz Octoberfest beer. I also ordered a sausage flatbread pizza and chicken wings. These items were reduced for happy hour.
The service was a bit slow, but the place was packed, so it was understandable. My server was very nice, but seemed new to the job. She delivered the wrong beer; luckily it was another decent beer. I did not say anything, but something to note.
The food arrived about 15 minutes later, right on time for Ryan to show up. The flatbread was a bit smaller than expected. The quality of the flatbread was only okay. It tasted a bit like it was reheated at some point and not fresh from the oven, The chicken wings were also only okay. They had the taste of coming from a fast food restaurant.
As you can see, I am not impressed with Tavern Hall. The atmosphere was fun and full of energy, but the food was only okay. The service was good, and I am sure with time our server will be really great.
I would like to go back for dinner and not happy hour to compare, but at this point I would not recommend Tavern Hall for food. I would suggest it for drinks only.
Ratings (1-5):
Overall: 2.5
Atmosphere: 5 – Full of energy!
Food Quality: 2.5 – I only had happy hour food, and would not recommend it.
Services: 4 – My server was very nice, but I could tell she was new.
Bikeability: 2It may be difficult to find a bike rack and the roads near the restaurant do not have bike lanes.