Radiator Whiskey

Radiator Whiskey


Radiator Whiskey was discovered after going to Matt’s Place in Pike’s Place Market. The restaurant can be hard to find, as you have to go up stairs in the Market with very little signage. Use your phone for directions.

We walked in at about 6:30 PM on a Friday and it was packed full of people. This place is a bit small with standing room for drinks only on the left and a sit-down area on the right. The tables are very close together so be prepared for that. We were greeted right away as we sat down with a very friendly server who went over the specials clearly and made everything sound amazing.

I ordered the Tots for an appetizer, which has an egg and gravy. How can you go wrong with that combination! I also ordered corn with amazing spices to share with Ryan. Take a look at the picture… your mouth will start watering.

For our meals, we both ordered the debris sandwich. This included pulled pork, smoked cheddar, fried egg and chili cheese Fritos. Yes, sounds like it could be weird tasting, but it has the best flavor and you will not go home hungry. If you come during Happy Hour, you can get the sandwich for $8 instead of $13.

A few notes about the space itself: it can get very loud, it can be very warm in the summer as there is no air conditioning, and the bathrooms are down the hall that is shared by many restaurants.

I have been to this place a few times and will be back soon!

Happy Eating and Exploring!


Ratings (1-5):

Overall: 4

Atmosphere: 3.5 – Cramped inside and can be loud.

Food Quality: 5 – I love the food and my taste buds are always happy.

Services: 5 – Very friendly service and people!

Bikeability: n/a – I did not scope this out, although it is in a touristy area.

Dog Friendly – Dogs are not allowed.


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