Vacation from Seattle: Leavenworth

I recently went to Leavenworth with Ryan and my big Golden Retriever, Rinzler. The two hour journey from Seattle was well worth time, even when we were sitting in traffic for 20 minutes. I just wanted to point out 2 restaurants that I thought are worth going to. So here are the reviews:

South Restaurant:

We were wandering around looking for somewhere that wasn’t completely packed on a Friday evening in July. We stumbled across South and were so glad we did. We were seated right away. The meal prices were moderate ranging from 8 – 17 dollars. The server asked if we wanted chips and salsa, so of course we ordered it. Who is going to turn down homemade chips? We did not realize those chips would cost us 7 dollars later as the server did not mention this.

I ordered a Cubano Burrito. It had all the normal fixing of a burrito with the addition of fried banana for $11.95. Fried bananas in burritos is like grilled cheese dipped in tomato soup, amazing. It came with a cabbage salad side, which was pretty bland but edible. It also came with more homemade chips, so we probably didn’t need the initial basket we ordered.

I also ordered an Icicle Brewing amber brew. Surprisingly, it was very good with a nice light malty taste and not too dark, perfect for the 80 degree weather we were hanging out in.

The server was very young and seemed unfocused. She barely checked on our table and was pushy to give us our check. I was only halfway done when she gave the bill to us. Although, I believe other servers were on their game as the restaurant was bustling. I wouldn’t let this one incident deter you from trying South.

Ratings (1-5):

Overall: 4 – Recommended

Atmosphere: 3.5 – Slightly noisy due to the place being crammed. We sat in the aisle where lots of people were walking back and forth.

Food Quality: 5 – Yum!

Services: 3 – The server was distant and not very communicative.

Bikeability: n/a

Dog Friendly – Dogs are not allowed

Watershed Café:

We passed by the Watershed Café for dinner, but decided it was a bit too pricey for us. We did notice a brunch that is only served on Sunday that was reasonably priced. Brunch is our thing! We were sat immediately outside on the deck on a warm Sunday morning and drank our delicious coffee. Our server was prompt and very informed of the menu.

Ryan decided to go healthy and order the egg white omelet (right above). I went the other direction and ordered the biscuits and gravy. Both meals were made from fresh local ingredients and sure tasted like it. My sausage gravy was thick and delicious. The spices in it were perfect. My homemade biscuits were fluffy and fit well with the gravy.  It also came with melon, home fries, and a side of eggs. I wish I could have the recipe for all of it, but I know I would never be able to make it like they did.

Ratings (1-5):

Overall: 4.5 – Recommended for brunch, dinner is very pricey.

Atmosphere: 5 – Nice deck with shade to relax on.

Food Quality: 5 – Yum!

Services: 5 – The server was knowledgeable and available.

Bikeability: n/a

Dog Friendly – Dogs are not allowed.