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Joule… you have won my heart. I recently took my parents (from MI) and Ryan to Joule. We had read reviews that brunch was good and was worth trying. So, we did just that.

Located in Fremont, Joule has a nice modern, hip feel to the restaurant. Right off the bat it was welcoming. We made reservations for 4 people on Saturday at 10:30AM. If you are planning on brunch on the weekend, I would recommend making reservations as this place will be packed.

Now to the food – Joule is unique in that they have a buffet; the buffet’s theme changes every month. On top of the buffet, you also get to choose a meal. This is all for $19.00. Our buffet was Asian themed which included a noodle salad, tofu bites, red bean cookies, and other veggie and fruit dishes. It was amazing; A + .

For my meal, I chose French Toast made with Green Curry and topped with Apple Chutney. I wanted to try something unique, but not too crazy. The presentation of the dish was very appetizing, and I did not wait for others to dig in because it looked so good. The unique flavor of the Green Curry batter of the French Toast was delicious. It was not spicy and overall worked well the Apple Chutney.


I was able to sneak a piece of Ryan’s Chicken Fried Steak and Waffles. The Chicken Fried Steak was cooked and cut perfectly. This is the best I have ever had. The portion size was large, so come hungry for this dish.

I also need to point out that our server was amazing! She knew the menu so well that when she explained the items I wanted one of everything. She was very attentive and did a great job. I wish I got her name, because I would request her next time.

Joule also had really good looking Bloody Mary’s and other cocktails, but I did not indulge. Next time I will! I cannot wait to go back 🙂 Anyone want to join me for Sunday Brunch?


Ratings (1-5):

Overall: 5 – Highly recommend it

Atmosphere: 4.5 Slightly noisy due to the place being so popular. over very hip, cool setting.

Food Quality: 5 – I can’t wait to come back next month and see what is on the menu!

Services: 5 – The hostess sat us right away and our server was great!

Bikeability: 5 – there is a bike rack right outside the front door

Dog Friendly – Dogs are not allowed.


Fresh Bistro (WEST SEATTLE)


Friday, Feb. 28, 2014, Ryan and I went to Fresh Bistro for Happy Hour. Their Happy Hour is from 5-7pm on Fridays. What a great time, I thought. The drinks are priced well at 3.50 for well drinks. There is no beer on tap, what a bummer, I know. I had a rum and coke, and it was very good. I guess I should mention we came at 6:30pm and got a seat right away at the bar. The bar area was packed, though.

We decided to try dinner at Fresh Bistro. I ordered the Duck Burger and Ryan ordered COD Dish, My burger was on the Happy Hour menu at $10.00 (with no fries). It was pretty bland, but okay. The original price of this burger is $16.00. I do not believe this is worth that price. $16.00 would be better spent at Red Robin than on this burger. Ryan’s dish was not on Happy Hour at $18.00. I wish I could have taken a picture of his face when the meal showed up. You know when you order something online and then you open the box when it arrives and receive that item that looks nothing like what was pictured, it’s about 10 times smaller. This was exactly his expression. I have posted a picture of his meal. The flavor of his meal…. bland, but the fish was okay. Let’s just say he was not happy after this meal.

Ratings (1-5):

Overall: 2.5

Atmosphere: (4)

Food Quality: 2   (Drinks – 4)

Services: 4